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Musée océanographique de Monaco

Musée océanographique de Monaco


Product Description

Do you dream of an exceptional place for hosting a conference until 400 personnes, a gala dinner for 250 guests or a cocktail party for 1400 persons? By choosing the Oceanographic Museum, you offer to your guests a unique experience in one the most famous and majestic buildings of Monaco.

Standing on the cliff side, 85 metres above the sea, the Oceanographic Museum is just a few steps away from the Prince’s Palace. You can enjoy stunning views of Monaco and the Mediterranean Sea from its panoramic terrace.

The Oceanographic Museum is an original venue for your seminars, symposiums and conferences thanks to its 500m2 Conference room, which combines historic setting with full audio-visual equipment. The Princess Alice, Hirondelle and Turtle meeting rooms, which are 40sqm, 80sqm and 100sqm, complete the offer for business events.

Fully privatized in the evening, the Oceanographic Museum will surprise and delight your guests. Imagine offering them a welcome drink in our aquariums followed by a gala dinner on the panoramic terrace, a private tour of the Museum and its secret places, a cocktail dinner served on the three floors of the Museum, a concert or a film screening in preview… Whatever your desires, our team will advise and help you to make your event an unforgettable one.

The Museum inaugurated its new exhibition in the Whale Room in July 2020 «Traveling in IMMERSION from the North Pole to the South Pole.»

In this space, the wild, grandiose beauty of these frozen lands comes to life in an unprecedented immersive and interactive device. With a projection surface area of 650 m², the visitor is propelled into the heart of polar landscapes where he will experience 6 emblematic scenes. Firstly, the North Pole in the company of a she-bear and her cubs, or beneath the sea ice to free-dive beside seals, beluga whales or narwhals. Then to the South Pole where visitors come across whales with ever-open mouths, ready to swallow hundreds of kilos of krill before fleeing under their feet; not forgetting the elephant seals resting on their sides, keeping an eye on the killer whales which are ready to emerge from the water; emperor penguins pressed against each other against the blizzard and to protect their young. A wonderland which ends in the dreamlike polar aurora. A voice-over is present in each picture to remind us of the fragility of this ecosystem and the threats to these species. For instance, bears have difficulties in finding food because of the melting ice pack, just like the penguin colonies at the South Pole.