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Marseille Chanot, Congress and exposition centre

Marseille Chanot, Congress and exposition centre


Product Description

Marseille Chanot, Exhibition & Congress centre, hosts the biggest events in Marseille and its region.

Its total area of ​​17 hectares brings together in a single secure space more than 102,000 m2 of outdoors areas and 51,000 m2 covered:

  • Congress centre and Palais des Arts: 21 rooms and 2 auditoriums with 200 to 1,200 seats
  • Palais des Evénements & de l’Europe: 11,500 m2 in total, 10,000 people, amphitheater up to 1600 to 3200 places
  • Palais de la Méditerranée, Palais Phocéen and Grand Palais: 27,000 m2  total

Its perfect modularity also allows the holding of several simultaneous events: 250 congresses, conventions, general public or professional fairs, conferences, shows, competitions and exams… benefit from it each year.

Chanot is directly connected to train and bus stations by metro, to the airport by tunnels and to the rest of the world by a state-of-the-art internet infrastructure.

Its 1800 parking spaces are directly accessible from the motorways.

Certified IS0 20 121 Sustainable Management of events, SAFIM, manager of Marseille Chanot, is also the first company to organize trade fairs in the South-East.