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La Truffe Noire


Product Description



La Truffe Noire, Catering Party Organizer since 1973


At 46 years old, La Truffe Noire has the pledge of experience. A team of seasoned professionals works in the same direction to make your events a success, whether it be a seminar, convention, conference, trade show, sporting event or wedding. La Truffe Noire intervenes from Lyon to Monaco as well as throughout the PACA region.


Only referent of “Traiteurs de France” in Marseille, La Truffe Noire is labelled ISO 20121 for several years, a demanding certification to ensure a mastered event. It is from a sophisticated laboratory that our Chefs prepare the dishes of your receptions with the help of innovative tools.


The Event service offers specially adapted ranges to the different formats of your receptions and to the variable number of participants.


Located in the heart of the M.I.N, a real food lung of Marseille, La Truffe Noire reasons local; it loves producers in its area. Its sustainable development approach exceeds purchases, because it is under the sign of parity that it is exemplary. Vector of training and integration, the Eco-Social finds a real echo within La Truffe Noire.


On the client side, its goal is to guarantee the same attention, the same response to all requests, from the loyal customer to the first contact.